New Black Berkey Filter for Crown Berkey Released

by admin on September 9, 2011

New Millennium Concepts Ltd, the US manufactuer of Berkey water filters and the Crown Berkey has begun shipping a newly designed Black Berkey water filter element in in the Crown Berkey and all of their Berkey products.

Sample Defective Black Berkey Water filter

Defective Filter

In September of 2010 a problem was discovered with the method in which the filter element is bonded to the base of the Black Berkey. Several attempts to fix the problem lead to an eventual redesign of the base and the type of silicone used to secure the filter to the base. Filters shipped between September of 2010 and June of 2011, if not attached with the right amount of silicone and in the right pattern, may pop out of the base.

The new Black Berkey filter base is clearly a new design. The base is designed to hold the filter and silicone in a tighter pattern, and the base is actually brushed or scored to allow for greater adheasion. The new filters have been shipping with all new Crown Berkey filters as well as all of the other products manufactuered by New Millennium Concepts under the registered trademark of Berkey.

If you have a problem with your filter, you can determine when it was manufactured by looking at the base of the filter stem. The words New Millennium Concepts is printed on the base. After those words, there will be a very small circle with an arrow. There will either be a 10 or 11 at the arrow. In addition, the arrow will point to a number 1 thru 12. Obtain this information and contact your dealer to request replacements under warranty if you are having the problem.

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